Pêcheries Royales

EXPEDITION SWIM in the pond of Pêcheries Royales on Saturday 03. and Sunday 04.08.2019 is CANCELED since Bruxelles Environnement declared that they can not guarantee the water quality despite the last test results which were very good.

Read more about it on our news.


Pêcheries Royales, Rue des Pêcheries, 1170 Watermael-Boisfort (on Google Maps)


Click for a larger map or download the map here.


Public Transport: 

Metro 5 - Beaulieu + 5 minutes walk
Bus 17 - Gardon

There is no dedicated car parking, please come by bicycle or public transport!


  • Changing booths

  • Showers

  • Free tap water (no bar or kiosk, bring your own picnic or visit the restaurant nearby)

  • Bicycle racks (not guarded)

  • Sunbathing area

No lockers, you are responsible for your belongings!

Swimming is only allowed during EXPEDITION SWIM in the delimited swimming zone from 12:00 to 18:00. Inscriptions on site open at 11:45.


A few words on the water quality

As you have felt by yourself, Brussels experienced an extraordinary heatwave last week, never seen before. This had of course also an impact on the biology of the ponds. At Pêcheries Royales, during the hot week, blue-green algae developed. They vanished again during the cold and rainy weekend. This week we did a water quality test which showed that the algeas were present. However, the values of the test were even below the limits for drinking water, we therefore plan to allow swimming.
We follow the situation closely in the coming days together with Bruxelles Environnement, verifying the bacteriological parameters and continue the control for blue-green algae. We are confident that the water quality will be good for swimming.
If that is not the case we will inform you as soon as possible about the possible consequences via mail, our website and social media. Thank your for your understanding.


About the Pêcheries royales

The pond of the Pêcheries Royales is located in the municipality of Watermael-Boitsfort, bordering the municipality of Auderghem. It is located along Rue des Pêcheries. Development works on the park began in November 1995, with the opening of La Héronnière Park on June 1, 1997. The pond itself has been present for even longer and can already be observed in the aerial photographs of 1930s. 

La Héronnière Park was created from the remains of an old valley and nearby green spaces. The aim was to relieve the area of real estate pressure, preserve its ecological heritage, restore the existing hydrographic network and allow local populations to walk, meet and have fun in a large public park.

The pond is supplied with water by a connection with the Watermaelbeek from the south. Two "monks" (pond drainage facilities) then empty the water. In Spring and in Winter 2018, the pond was the subject of cleaning and rehabilitation work by Brussels Environnement.

Have a look at the report of the environmental impact study for more in-depth information on the ecosystem of the pond (sorry, in French only).